Weight Loss Psychology

If your mind or emotions block weight loss, using a weight loss psychology tool like “EFT Tapping for Weight Management” can help by removing the blocks.


What Are Mental and Emotional Blocks?

Starting a diet is easy. Making changes permanent is a challenge because our subconsious mind can derail us!

BUT…we must make the necessary changes or eventually we will have this problem:


Extreme Obesity in a Male Person

Extreme Obesity in a Male Person


We need to look beyond the diet and identify the hidden barriers that make success so elusive.

Maybe there are thoughts and emotions getting in the way of keeping the weight off?

Common examples include:

  • “I just have to have my chocolate,  ….”
  • Deep down I believe that no matter what I do “I cannot lose weight”;
  • When I’m emotional it’s time to eat.
    • “I need to celebrate with food”, or
    • “I’m sad, it’s time to eat …..”.


Unless these underlying beliefs or needs are changed we won’t be able to lose weight.

We will keep on undermining ourselves.


Now We Can Remove These Blocks!

In the past, psychology (including weight loss psychology) has believed that our responses to life (including food) have been formed very early, and are so deeply ingrained they are automatic and impossible to change.

And we know these deep seated beliefs exist because we find ourselves going back again and again to old lifestyle and eating patterns: so we regain our lost weight – and then some!


But now there is a process that may help identify and remove these early beliefs!

We can achieve permanent change.


EFT Removes These Blocks 

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a simple way to remove mental and emotional blocks permanently.


What is EFT?

EFT (also known as “Tapping”) is a synthesis of techniques involving two fields of study:

  • Psychology
  • Acupuncture

The techniques involve reciting relevant affirmations whilst tapping on specific acupuncture points.

This process (EFT) has been demonstrated to “unlock” the subconsious part of the brain, allowing positive changes to be made.


EFT Tapping for Weight Management

“EFT Tapping for Weight Management” is a revolutionary approach to weight management which makes use of the very newest techniques in weight loss psychology practise.  It is an evidence based course now available online.

This research based course has helped people to successfully lose from 5 to 30 kilograms over eight weeks, a loss which was maintained for 12 months without any extreme dietary changes or other ongoing therapy.

This self-managed course guides you through the process of identifying and removing your mental and emotional blocks, to assist you in achieving permanent and healthy weight loss.


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