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Paul Davies | Naturopath & Remedial Massage Therapist


Please Note: Paul has now retired from seeing clients.  He has transitioned to writing.  Books on health topics of interest are on the agenda.

When my wife Helen was pregnant with our oldest daughter she developed a kidney infection that doctors were unable to help.

She consulted a naturopath, who resolved the problem in a couple of days.  I was AMAZED by the power of natural medicines, and this began my passion for them.  Eventually I left my profession as a high-school physics teacher and retrained to become a naturopath.

I am a health-guru who transforms illness into vibrant wellness using natural medicines.

My specialty and passion is mineral therapy.  These are by far the nutrients most deficient in modern foods, and therefore the most likely natural medicine to produce rapid results.

Minerals provide massive benefits at a fraction of the cost of most natural medicines.  If necessary I prescribe & provide herbal and/or homoeopathic remedies.

Remedial Massage

When I was a boy my mother had two spinal diseases.  Doctors said she would be in a wheelchair by age 40.  She consulted a body-worker who kept her mobile, and although she sadly died at age 63 of cancer, there was no wheelchair in sight!  This began my passion for remedial massage/soft-tissue therapy.

I am a guru of body-pain.  I provide rapid relief for chonic body-pain & restricted movement so clients may live their lives pain free and with normal mobility.

My passion is a revolutionary remedial massage therapy called Goltech® Therapy.