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Welcome Lean Gene Members!


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  • Downloads (Welcome Letter, Course Outline etc)
  • Lean Gene Diet Week 1
    • What to Do
      • What to eat, and what NOT to eat.
      • Home Made Fat Loss Shake Recipe.
    • You’ll start to burn fat from the first day!  Your understanding comes later!
  • Lean Gene Diet Week 2
    • Why it Works: Keys to Rapid Fat Loss. How to:
      • Switch fat storing OFF, and fat burning ON!
      • Control hunger.
      • Accelerate fat burning.
    • You’ll learn how to switch fat burning on at will!  No more worrying if you break your diet and put a little back on. You’ll know how to easily switch fat burning on again!
    • You’ll know at a glance whether another diet will work or not, and whether or not it’s worth buying it for the recipes.
  • Lean Gene Diet Week 3
    • Sensible Goal Weight Objectives
      • Are you a natural greyhound or a natural bear? (It’s all about the size of your frame.)
      • How to determine the size of your frame.
    • Cheating Sensibly.  EVERYONE cheats on diets, so:
      • How do you cheat a bit and get away with it!
      • How much can you cheat and get away with: your personal carb tolerance.
    • Cheating a little is more than tolerated: it’s encouraged.
  • Lean Gene Diet Week 4
    • When your HEAD gets in the way….
      • Motivation Secrets
      • Break through mental and emotional blocks.
  • Lean Gene Diet Week 5
    • Shifting Stubborn Fat
      • It is NOT immovable!
  • Lean Gene Diet Week 6
    • Keeping the fat off!
      • How to maintain goal weight.
  • Lean Gene Diet Week 7
    • Do Fat-Loss Supplements Help?
      • Most of the time, NO!  Here is why!
  • Lean Gene Diet Week 8
    • Isn’t Exercise Necessary for Fat Loss?
      • Exercise is NOT necessary for fat loss, and here’s why!
      • BUT…for when you feel SO ALIVE your body TELLS you to!
  • Lean Gene Diet Week 9
    • Other Health Issues:
      • Lean Gene Diet Health Benefits.
      • But what about saturated fat, cholesterol and heart disease?


Preliminary Downloads


General Preamble for Lean Gene Members

The Lean Gene Diet is much more than a few videos and pdf files.  And it’s way more than a weight loss diet.

The lean gene diet is a tool-kit for life and health revolution!

That’s because in the process of switching on your lean genes, you also switch on something called the Nrf2-ARE gene pathway.  This pathway switches on a cluster of over 2000 genes which are to do with life-extension.  They do the following for you:

  • Increase your rate of detoxification.
  • Increase the production of your own body’s internal antioxidant enzymes, which are by the way, more than 200 million times stronger than ANYTHING you can get from food!
  • Reduce the level of inflammation in your system. This is crucial, because inflammation is the foundation of just about EVERY chronic disease with which people in the Western World suffer.


Once again, WELCOME lean gene members!