Helen Davies

Helen Davies Psychologist

Helen Davies | Psychologist

I am a guru of life transformation, an agent of change, helping people leave the pain of the past and live vibrant & fulfilling lives.

My passion is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  This is a revolutionary approach to reprogramming the mind to take the “sting” out of painful memories.


So, how did I get to be where I am?

Whilst I was training as a primary school teacher I took a unit in psychology, and this lit my passion for the field.

Once I started teaching I realised many of the children had problems conventional education could not help.  So I left teaching and retrained as a psychologist, eventually becoming endorsed as an Educational & Developmental Psychologist.

Many people mistakenly believe that Educational & Developmental Psychologists only consult with children.  But the whole of life is a developmental process, and we must educate oursleves if we are  to get the most out of it!

So I consult with people of ALL ages.