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Naturopath Paul Davies is a proud user of Active Elements Mineral Formulations

  • Made from ingredients sourced from impeccable suppliers
  • Manufatured in Australia to pharmaceutical standards
  • Formulations developed by a giant in the industry, Les Fisher: for many years Australias most successful mineral therapy practitioner.

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The Foundation of Success

Paul believes minerals are the foundation and key to his success in helping many, many clients for over 30 years with a wide variety of health issues.  Minerals are by far the nutrients most deficient in modern foods, and therefore the most likely natural medicine to produce rapid results.

They are cheap, but extremely effective.  Minerals provide massive benefits at a fraction of the cost of most natural medicines.

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Minerals are the Foundation of Everything the Body Does:

Not only that, minerals are the principal determinant of everything that happens in the body!

  • Regulating cellular biochemistry
  • Regulating hormones: production, release, recognition by target cells
  • Regulating nerve transmission: production, release and uptake of neurotransmitters
  • Facilitating detoxification:
    • By stimulating the flow of the lymphatic circulation
    • By providing mineral factors essential to the trasnformation of dangerous toxins into harmless metabolites which can be eliminated through the bowel
  • Facilitating digestion:
    • By stabilising the “basement membrane” which lies beneath and supports the absorptive surface of the bowel
    • By stimulating the production of stomach acid and pancreatic digestive enzymes
    • By facilitating the production of bile (necessary for fat digestion)
  • Regulating the acid-base balance of the whole body
  • Regulating the immune system

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FREE A to Z Guide to Minerals

This booklet provides information on the best Active Elements mineral formulations for home treatment of simple health issues.

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FREE information on the function of individual minerals in the body, and the implications of deficiency or imbalance.

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